Live Streamer

Provides mobile MMT based live mobile streaming function with ultra low latency
Shows less then 2.5 seconds delay for mobile live streaming on commercial SK Telecom 4G network in South Korea.

HECAS Mobile Live Streaming™ provides fast start-up & ultra low latency.

  • HECAS's Mobile Live Streaming™ technology uses media chunks (MPUs) to deliver media, enabling faster video playback than traditional DASH / HLS.
  • You can start video playback in less than 500ms on a 4G network, so users no longer have to wait for the video to load.

Perfectly synchronized between myriad mobile devices, Live Streaming let users experience the best moments together.

  • Organize various media sources into one asset unit and provide streaming services for each synchronization.
  • The screens of users viewing the same content are perfectly synchronized. Take advantage of world-class device synchronization technology with less than 30ms difference.
  • You can give the best experience to your users.

  • You can seamlessly sync videos using multiple cameras at various sports relays and concerts.
  • Using a variety of devices that can be connected by IP (Drone, Smart Phone, etc.), you can provide live video services in any way you want.