Ultra low latency

HECAS mobile live streaming provides fast start-up & ultra low latency.

Mobile Live Streaming on Commercial Service

If you are a SKT subscriber, you can try the Oksusu service on the SPOTV channel.

  • T Live Streaming dramatically reduces latency from 15 seconds to just 3 seconds to improve the user experience for mobile live video streaming. T Live Streaming improves user experience in mobile live video streaming by significantly reducing latency from 15 seconds to just three seconds
  • The technology, first applied to SPOTV, a sport channel of SK Broadband's media platform 'Oksusu', will be applied to other Oksusu  channels, allowing more users to experience true real-time streaming services.

    <from SKT press,>

Now, test it on your mobile.

(Currently, Oksusu T Live Streaming is only available to SKT mobile subscribers)